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Monday, 19 March, 2012

Dead people don’t talk for a reason. If you ever get to know what a dead person had to say, just forget it – it will be easier. Cause whatever is there he had to say, it won’t be pretty. Got that?
The main character of this one is called Fumika, and she is a postwoman. A postwoman that delivers letters from the dead people to the living. Letters with the last words that the dead failed to say. Creepy.

I say if they did fail to say those words, it’s better they stay that way. Really.
Anyways, this girl delivers the letters with her friend – a staff named Kanaka, which is apparently a girl, regardless of the recipient want it or not. And you can imagine what that causes.  I mean what would you think if you suddenly received a letter from your best friend whom you KILLED. Or your victim (that is if you are some sort of maniac).

Nothing good right? And that’s what goes on here. Suicides, more murders, insanity. And there is more to it! Fumika herself is supposed to be dead, and figures out she is not really dead. How screwed up is that? No really! A living person is going in and out from the world of the dead, delivers messages that causes more deaths and have nothing  to say about it. She actually likes this job! That’s out of chart! Makes you think that she herself is some sort of maniac or have some psychological disorder, which is basically the same.

Well it turns out that she is not really that crazy, or stone hearted, or big of a maniac, you choose. Yep, she is suffering. From the fact she have no idea why isn’t she really dead, from the fact she cannot remember what or who she was before she got that ridiculous job ect. Yep it’s a drama, didn’t you get it?

Well anyways, the story line revolves around those ridiculous delivery tasks and her trying to figure out what or who in the world is she. And in the end she succeeds. In a way that might get you to facepalm yourself to bleed.

Well, you like dramas? Then go watch this one, cause it is good. And it can actually make you rethink some aspects of your life. None of the dozens of aired “Titanics” could do that, so… You got the point… I hope.

[RS] Manic Lullaby amv

Friday, 16 March, 2012

A gorgeous Soul Eater amv with Toxic cover by A Static Lullaby.


Thursday, 15 March, 2012

Welcome to the world of foxy ladies and really perverted men. Hold your horses! I’m not implying that I’m reviewing a hentai anime. Get your stuff back in your pants where it belongs.
Well anyways, if you wanna run around the town in girls swimsuit, don’t go and do it straight away, first do some things that when you do the actual thing people won’t try to get you into mental health care but only will be relieved that you do something so harmless.
Here is the guide, experienced  by the main character Kawahira Keita and written by yours truly.

Get naked and climb a lamppost in front of your house, start screaming that you can’t get down. You’ll end up in a police holding cell for perverts, escape. You’ll probably want to get a girlfriend that can teleport you out of there first, cause my guess that it’s not easy to get out of the cell just like that. Ah! A male friend that can do the same thing won’t do!

Go fight some evil spirits with this girlfriend of yours. Get naked or make a really bold move on her after you win. You’ll end up on the same lamppost and then in the same holding cell with the same guys. You’ll be named The King of Perverts by them..
Good to go to get out from the cell and fight some other spirits or make some bold moves on your girlfriends friends. And again lamppost, cell, perverted worshipers.

Go fight your girlfriends father, who apparently have to be a really strong spirit/land god, and have to want a better pair for his daughter. Get naked.
Post, cell, perverts, get out.

Find a super strong magician who is even more perverted then you are, and want to leave all the world pantsless. Fight him. Fail to win. Summon all your pervert worshipers to help you fight him. Win. Get naked.
At any moment of your activities run past a little boy, who is walking on a street with his mother, waggling you privates. Do it as many times as possible. Preferably run past the same boy and the same mother.
Ok! You are good to go! Get your favorite school girl’s swimsuit and go out, might as well fight another evil spirit looking like that, and if a policeman will see you like that you can tell him that this is your hobby and there is no law that prevents you from having it.
Anyways have fun laughing your guts out. And no, my name is not Kawahira Keita.

Busou Renkin

Wednesday, 7 March, 2012

Well now! That would be the first summary/review I write.
And I’ll start with an oldie.
Do you like heroes? I mean the type of those heroes that, ride a white horse, wear a shiny armor and wield a big sword. Cause I don’t. Actually I hate them! For one particular reason, which would be their enormous stupidity!
Well if a hero is not stupid he won’t get in some trouble and thus won’t get to do heroic stuff so he won’t be named a hero. And that brings out the only trait I like about those heroes – they have a full cargo ship worth of luck. Why do I think so? Well you get into a life-threatening situation and you get out alive. If you are only stupid and don’t have that kind of luck, you’ll simply die. Not really a heroic thing to do.

Busou Renking aka Alchemic Weapon, the main character is named Mutou Kazuki. A hero! First episode of the anime he goes to an abandoned factory to check out some strange lights that he saw there. Finds there a cute girl that is about to be killed by some sort of unknown monster. What does he do? Right! A heroic thing to do – jumps in to save the girl. But instead of pushing the girl away from the attack line he covers her with his own body, gets a hole in his chest and his heart torn to shreds. He dies – end of story.

Oh wait! He is a hero! How could I forget about his monstrous luck!? The monster for some strange reason runs away. They girl turns out to be a warrior alchemist, carries Mutou away, covers a hole in his chest and puts a heart substitute in there. Wow! You don’t get luckier than that! But you certainly can get even more stupid than before. And Mutou proves it episode after episode, showing another thing about heroes, which is – they need helpers. I mean who else is going to cover for a hero when he screws up so badly that even his luck can’t handle it? With his heart substitute he gets a huge lance. It’s not a sword, but it is big so who cares? Somewhere along the story line he gets the shiny armor too, but no horse. What a shame. But he becomes a monster, or something like that, so I guess it covers up for a horse. Plus it turns out he is a hypocrite. You know someone like that when that someone says or does something along the lines like: “I’ll kill all of your family, friends and subordinates, but I won’t kill you cause you’re miserable and I pity you.”
Anyways if you like fairy tales and want to spend some time resting without getting bored to death, you might as well check this one out. Cause I enjoyed almost every moment watching it and, along the way, mocking the characters.
Have fun.

Let’s get it started with bleach amv

Wednesday, 7 March, 2012

First animesummary post

Tuesday, 6 March, 2012

Oh hi. This is a first post. If you see it you’re awesome :3