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Thursday, 27 September, 2012

Long time ago in a galaxy far away, giants played basketball…
Ah! Screw this!

Have you ever seen a basketball game? If you didn’t, go and watch!

Do you think that it can escalate to something bigger than just a game?

No? Well according to the Japanese it can!

Basquash! Welcome to planet Earthdash inhabited by humans and some weird intelligent animals, orbited by a huge inhabited moon that lights the surface during the night, and is a dump. Yep. The elite actually live on the moon.

So the main character, Dan JD, lives in this dump desperately trying to get his passage to the moon, so he can get top class medical treatment for his sister, who lost her ability to walk because giant robot stepped on her when they played basketball. Phew! That was a long sentence.

Ok, apparently those giant robots, or bigfoots as they call them, are the main dish on this planet, metaphorically speaking of course, most of the labor work, transportation, and even the most popular sport (Big Foot Basket or BFB for shorter version) is done using them.

Dan goes to BFB game and finds out that there is no excitement there and all of the heat he saw on TV was fabricated by computer graphics. Being a dumb idiot he is, Dan breaks in the game and wrecks the place.

And that is where it all starts! The ridiculous escalation of something that cannot escalate!

I have no idea what kind of basketball junckie you have to be to think of something like this.

But I have to admit it, after tearing through a few of the first episodes of wanting to strangle each and everyone of the characters there, I found myself interested in what’s there to come next and not giving a damn about their personalities at all. And then the last parts come and I sit staring in the monitor, not even blinking, murmuring to myself: “Show me, show me, show me, show me! There is something great coming!”.

Yep, like that.

The graphics there are pretty average, so don’t expect to see a lot of beautiful sceneries. The soundtrack on the other hand is pretty driving. So all and all the combination is quite good, there is a room to enjoy.

This is randomness!

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012

A random AMV for a random post. =)

Kokoro connect

Monday, 17 September, 2012

Alright! Well here it goes.

This time it’s about an anime that is still airing.

Kokoro connect. One might think that it’s a love drama of some sort, if judging only by the name. But it’s not. Well, I would be lying if I said that there is completely none of this stuff,  but I’ll talk about it in a bit. Just hold your pants for a while.

Ok so the story revolves around five high school kids who form a cultural club. Now, they have no superpowers, no hidden abilities, and yet they manage to draw attention of some godlike being that calls itself Heartseed. A plant… Cardiospermum in latin… Really Japan?

Well in any case, that thing starts to play games with those five, or more like plays pranks on them, to lift its own boredom. Now! Can you imagine what kind of prank such an entity can pull on you? And I didn’t mention it, but that thing has got some really twisted sense of humor.

So the kids face ridiculous situations on the god level, one after another. Basically the dude plays with their minds at his own whim. And in the midst of it… Yep… Boyfriend/girlfriend Crysis!  Shut up gamers!

Really? Love affairs in the midst of this? Now who’s got the twisted mind, you or the Heartseed? Facing something like that I wouldn’t be able to think of getting a girl! I’d be closer to go all-Kratos on the guy! I said shut up gamers!

Well anyways, I find myself watching all eleven episodes in one go, and enjoying this kind of dark humor.

Very solid self sustained arcs, five episodes each, so you can watch them each like a full season, and even have moments like: “I see what you did there!” in the end of one and then “Woohoo! Action! Wait what?!” in the beginning of the next. Very pleasant graphics too.

One word of advice. Watch it closely or the story will begin and end even before you know it.