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Kokoro connect

Monday, 17 September, 2012

Alright! Well here it goes.

This time it’s about an anime that is still airing.

Kokoro connect. One might think that it’s a love drama of some sort, if judging only by the name. But it’s not. Well, I would be lying if I said that there is completely none of this stuff,  but I’ll talk about it in a bit. Just hold your pants for a while.

Ok so the story revolves around five high school kids who form a cultural club. Now, they have no superpowers, no hidden abilities, and yet they manage to draw attention of some godlike being that calls itself Heartseed. A plant… Cardiospermum in latin… Really Japan?

Well in any case, that thing starts to play games with those five, or more like plays pranks on them, to lift its own boredom. Now! Can you imagine what kind of prank such an entity can pull on you? And I didn’t mention it, but that thing has got some really twisted sense of humor.

So the kids face ridiculous situations on the god level, one after another. Basically the dude plays with their minds at his own whim. And in the midst of it… Yep… Boyfriend/girlfriend Crysis!  Shut up gamers!

Really? Love affairs in the midst of this? Now who’s got the twisted mind, you or the Heartseed? Facing something like that I wouldn’t be able to think of getting a girl! I’d be closer to go all-Kratos on the guy! I said shut up gamers!

Well anyways, I find myself watching all eleven episodes in one go, and enjoying this kind of dark humor.

Very solid self sustained arcs, five episodes each, so you can watch them each like a full season, and even have moments like: “I see what you did there!” in the end of one and then “Woohoo! Action! Wait what?!” in the beginning of the next. Very pleasant graphics too.

One word of advice. Watch it closely or the story will begin and end even before you know it.



Thursday, 15 March, 2012

Welcome to the world of foxy ladies and really perverted men. Hold your horses! I’m not implying that I’m reviewing a hentai anime. Get your stuff back in your pants where it belongs.
Well anyways, if you wanna run around the town in girls swimsuit, don’t go and do it straight away, first do some things that when you do the actual thing people won’t try to get you into mental health care but only will be relieved that you do something so harmless.
Here is the guide, experienced  by the main character Kawahira Keita and written by yours truly.

Get naked and climb a lamppost in front of your house, start screaming that you can’t get down. You’ll end up in a police holding cell for perverts, escape. You’ll probably want to get a girlfriend that can teleport you out of there first, cause my guess that it’s not easy to get out of the cell just like that. Ah! A male friend that can do the same thing won’t do!

Go fight some evil spirits with this girlfriend of yours. Get naked or make a really bold move on her after you win. You’ll end up on the same lamppost and then in the same holding cell with the same guys. You’ll be named The King of Perverts by them..
Good to go to get out from the cell and fight some other spirits or make some bold moves on your girlfriends friends. And again lamppost, cell, perverted worshipers.

Go fight your girlfriends father, who apparently have to be a really strong spirit/land god, and have to want a better pair for his daughter. Get naked.
Post, cell, perverts, get out.

Find a super strong magician who is even more perverted then you are, and want to leave all the world pantsless. Fight him. Fail to win. Summon all your pervert worshipers to help you fight him. Win. Get naked.
At any moment of your activities run past a little boy, who is walking on a street with his mother, waggling you privates. Do it as many times as possible. Preferably run past the same boy and the same mother.
Ok! You are good to go! Get your favorite school girl’s swimsuit and go out, might as well fight another evil spirit looking like that, and if a policeman will see you like that you can tell him that this is your hobby and there is no law that prevents you from having it.
Anyways have fun laughing your guts out. And no, my name is not Kawahira Keita.