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Kokoro connect

Monday, 17 September, 2012

Alright! Well here it goes.

This time it’s about an anime that is still airing.

Kokoro connect. One might think that it’s a love drama of some sort, if judging only by the name. But it’s not. Well, I would be lying if I said that there is completely none of this stuff,  but I’ll talk about it in a bit. Just hold your pants for a while.

Ok so the story revolves around five high school kids who form a cultural club. Now, they have no superpowers, no hidden abilities, and yet they manage to draw attention of some godlike being that calls itself Heartseed. A plant… Cardiospermum in latin… Really Japan?

Well in any case, that thing starts to play games with those five, or more like plays pranks on them, to lift its own boredom. Now! Can you imagine what kind of prank such an entity can pull on you? And I didn’t mention it, but that thing has got some really twisted sense of humor.

So the kids face ridiculous situations on the god level, one after another. Basically the dude plays with their minds at his own whim. And in the midst of it… Yep… Boyfriend/girlfriend Crysis!  Shut up gamers!

Really? Love affairs in the midst of this? Now who’s got the twisted mind, you or the Heartseed? Facing something like that I wouldn’t be able to think of getting a girl! I’d be closer to go all-Kratos on the guy! I said shut up gamers!

Well anyways, I find myself watching all eleven episodes in one go, and enjoying this kind of dark humor.

Very solid self sustained arcs, five episodes each, so you can watch them each like a full season, and even have moments like: “I see what you did there!” in the end of one and then “Woohoo! Action! Wait what?!” in the beginning of the next. Very pleasant graphics too.

One word of advice. Watch it closely or the story will begin and end even before you know it.



Monday, 19 March, 2012

Dead people don’t talk for a reason. If you ever get to know what a dead person had to say, just forget it – it will be easier. Cause whatever is there he had to say, it won’t be pretty. Got that?
The main character of this one is called Fumika, and she is a postwoman. A postwoman that delivers letters from the dead people to the living. Letters with the last words that the dead failed to say. Creepy.

I say if they did fail to say those words, it’s better they stay that way. Really.
Anyways, this girl delivers the letters with her friend – a staff named Kanaka, which is apparently a girl, regardless of the recipient want it or not. And you can imagine what that causes.  I mean what would you think if you suddenly received a letter from your best friend whom you KILLED. Or your victim (that is if you are some sort of maniac).

Nothing good right? And that’s what goes on here. Suicides, more murders, insanity. And there is more to it! Fumika herself is supposed to be dead, and figures out she is not really dead. How screwed up is that? No really! A living person is going in and out from the world of the dead, delivers messages that causes more deaths and have nothing  to say about it. She actually likes this job! That’s out of chart! Makes you think that she herself is some sort of maniac or have some psychological disorder, which is basically the same.

Well it turns out that she is not really that crazy, or stone hearted, or big of a maniac, you choose. Yep, she is suffering. From the fact she have no idea why isn’t she really dead, from the fact she cannot remember what or who she was before she got that ridiculous job ect. Yep it’s a drama, didn’t you get it?

Well anyways, the story line revolves around those ridiculous delivery tasks and her trying to figure out what or who in the world is she. And in the end she succeeds. In a way that might get you to facepalm yourself to bleed.

Well, you like dramas? Then go watch this one, cause it is good. And it can actually make you rethink some aspects of your life. None of the dozens of aired “Titanics” could do that, so… You got the point… I hope.